Tips For Reducing The Cost Of Holiday Gifts

By | June 30, 2010

According to the present year survey made by Price, 53% of the consumers are spending less on the gifts because of low budgets. Here are some of the tips for reducing the cost of the holiday gifts.

  • Compare the product prices: Because of excess inventory spent last year the stores are reducing the quantity of the gifts. So, it is better to go for a online shopping. But we have to concern with some of the facts when we do online shopping. According to the website’s survey, 70 percent of the consumers are going to shop online and compare the prices of the products. One way of finding the price is go for which gives the comparision of various prices of different sites which include BizRate,, Next Tag and Shopzilla. These sites give the information regarding the vendor prices, reviews of items and also about vendors and even about the products. Even some websites give the information regarding the packaging and postage of some purchase.
  • Creative work: Home made gifts are also used for presenting as holiday gifts. Creative work can be done by using the cheap art supply websites. Instead of buying the most expensive and creative cards it is better to buy the simple ones and make them more creative.
  • Discount shopping: Half of the people who had been surveyed by the are aiming to plan at the discount rates. Discounts are being chosen by the use of different websites which provide the information.
  • Be prepared with a shopping guide: Always be prepared with the best shopping websites so, as to get the information about which type of gift is required and also be in touch with the sites so as get the information according to the current trends of gifts.
  • Buy a single large gift: If you are attending a party of one of your closest friends then instead of buying a single gift by each of your friends buy a single large gift which is useful and will be even precious. This also reduces the cost of the gift on a whole.
  • Checking for Online coupons: Online coupons can be checked by a single click. According to the survey 39% of those who have been surveyed are planning to use the online coupons. Many coupons are being used for reducing the money of the online gifts.
  • Regifting: Present the unused items which are valuable such as jewellery, picture frames and even home accessories to your friend. But make sure that he hasn’t seen it being used by you, which creates a negative impact on you.

All these tips can be used in the periods of recession where your budget is low.

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