Know About Impact Of Automation On Drug Discovery

By | June 24, 2010

Automation is a technology which is used for reducing the work of manual labour and involves batch production or production of goods or the products and even the operation time gets reduced by the usage of self operating techniques. Now the automation is being used in many industries like process industries, food and beverages, utilities and even in drug industry. Automation plays an important role in the drug discovery.

The major processes which are done in drug discovery are
1. Identifying the gene
2. Determining the number of genes for a given disease
3. To understand the functionality of the gene.

As the pharmaceutical Industry is being developed, so there is a need in increasing the advanced methods of biology and chemistry. Even to meet the increasing challenges like translating the scientific discoveries into clinical experimental medicines. In order to meet the challenges the drug discovery has come into picture. The major areas which come under drug discovery are Clinical, Genetic, molecular phenotype data with cheminformatics. This process also involves gathering, arranging and interpreting the data by the use of present automation and the informatics.

Efficiency of the drug discovery process is increased by using the tissue culture techniques which are used for expanding and even improving the mammalian cells. Assessing or calculating the impact on automation is a very difficult task. The major areas like High throughput Screening (HTS) and even combinatorial Chemistry (CC) are include with the automation since their origin.

The automated equipment which is used may be divided into three types. They are: 1.Hand held 2.Unit automation 3.Integrated or the united automation equipments. These automation equipments are generally used in drugs and even the case of biological issues. By using the hand held automation equipment the number of samples which are being tested are very less when compared to the integrated automation and the full automation techniques.

The automation in the drug discovery process is being utilized very highly as the innovation techniques are being increased. The advancements which are used in the HTS and CC are improving efficiencies in all aspects of biological sciences and even for the discovery of the drugs and for researching them.

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