Know About Basic Asanas Of Yoga

By | April 14, 2010

Yoga is an ancient way of health practices and it gives physical as well as mental fitness. The basic Asanas (postures) of yoga motivate beginners to cleanse the internal system and harmonize the body. Following are the basic types of yoga, which are quite useful for beginners:

Surya Namaskar
This is a basic pose of yoga and it literally means salute to the sun. This Asana uses entire body i.e. from head to toe to worship the sun. This yoga posture is practiced as a physical exercise and it is widely popular all over the world. This exercise should be done at sunrise to reach a spiritual arousal. A full Surya Namaskar consists of two sets of twelve poses and it should be repeated 12 times with 12 mantras (A Mantra is a repeated word or phrase used during meditation).

Ashtanga Namaskar
This basic yoga is meant to provide benefits to body in the best possible way. This yoga is a derivation of Surya Namaskar and it means eight parts of the body saluting together for self-healing and fitness. This type of yoga posture gives a complete massage and flexing to every important part of the body.


It is a kind of breathing exercise, which calms the central nervous system of body. This results in both mental and physical benefits.

These are the basic types of yoga Asanas to begin. It is a known fact that Yoga is a technique of directing the human personality beyond the whimpering of the harrowed life. It aims to raise the broken down spirit and inner strength for peace.

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