Diet Plan with Banana Breakfast in Japan

By | March 20, 2010

From past few months, Japanese are going bananas as their Morning Banana Diet and because of this there is a shortage of bananas in the market. But what makes people to take bananas as their morning diet, does it work?  The sales of bananas in Japan went up 80 percent in one week compared to the last year.

People become crazy for using bananas, by taking a banana as breakfast with warm water and there is no need to take anything until lunch. In lunch, basic lunch, which can be anything you want to eat, can take snack in mid-afternoon and should plan to take dinner before 8 p.m. taking a banana as breakfast is full; you don’t even want a big lunch or a big dinner.

Some people have an idea that eating banana is disaster. The people for whom no sweets, can loose their weight by this and for those who has over consumed calories can cut calories by having a banana as breakfast. For some people they can gain little weight by this banana diet.

Warm water with banana helps in digestion and you are increasing fluid intake in morning but there is no explanation.

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