Can You Create a Diamond Yourself?

By | February 26, 2010

Who don’t like diamonds? All of us are fans of diamonds. They make rich; they bring you luck; they provide you status, and they can do much more. But when comes to terms of buying, they are very costlier. Apart from being costlier, diamonds have another property. It is being very strong and rigid. It is said in scientific terms that you require another diamond to cut a diamond.

Such is the structure of diamond. Generally diamonds are formed in typical conditions of extreme temperatures at 800 degrees Celsius and pressure at 50,000 atmps. These conditions only exist at 150 to 200 km beneath earth. So diamonds are formed beneath the earth and come up when continental plates collides with each other or through volcanic eruptions. That is why it makes them scarce and keeps them in high demand always.

Is there a possibility to create diamonds artificially? Yes there are some methods through which we can form a diamond artificially. But the methods are very expensive; more expensive than buying a diamond in market. I came across a company which offers to produce diamonds from human ashes. This process is too scientific to explain. But will you dare to wear a diamond made of human ashes? Well I won’t do it at any costs.

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