The Improper but Popular Dealing of Search Terms

By | November 16, 2009

You may be aware that English is the most popular language of the world. But learning correct English is not as easy as talking it. There are lots of complicated terms like vocabulary, grammar, word power, etc, in English. The correct usage of is English always helpful especially when you are looking out for a corporate job or going to another country where English is not much prevailed.

The quality of written English has declined these days to some extent with the entry of e-mail and SMS languages. There is another place where you need not use vocabulary and sentence structuring, even though you have apt results. It is nothing but our search engines. Search engines have grown more popular these days. The search terms need to be well structure. In fact they don’t care for the conjunctions or punctuation in search terms. If you need information on recruiters in Los Angels, you will just have to type recruiters los angeles. You will have all the information you want. Even the search terms are not case sensitive. Even common terms like where and how are not considered by them.

We may have a new language called search engine language besides SMS language very soon.

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