Coping Up With Disability While Traveling In a Taxi

By | June 16, 2009

It is much likely to take the aid of private vehicles, in the people who are disabled and cannot travel in public transports or vehicle a car on their own.

In many nations around the world, the private vehicles provide an easing comfort to the disabled.

Most of the times, private vehicles are taxis. These hirable cars are very popular all around the world as a means of private but comfortable journey.

The disabled with wheel chairs are very likely to take a car rather than a public transport, in most of the situations. Here it is an issue, because the person cannot get into the car along with his wheel chair.

In some places, there are wheel chair accessible taxis, specially run for people who cannot move without their wheel chairs.

There are certain disabilities like visual impairment, which again poses a challenge to travel in public transport systems or drive a vehicle.

In many cases of visually impaired, they have assistant dogs.

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