Government To Adopt Cost Cutting

By | April 23, 2009

Entire America is into cost cutting these days. We see how people have reduced their expenditures, significantly in order to comply with the economy crisis. Then many big and small businesses have joined these cutbacks. Did we leave anybody out there? Oh, yeah! The government. We have recent news that Obama has ordered his cabinet to figure out cost cutting measures. So, the government is also joining the community of cutbacks.

The first cabinet meeting of Obama was on the cost cutting measures. In the next three months, the administrative costs would be reduced significantly. They even have a target; the target of $100 million cutbacks, in three months. Though it is not our problem to figure out on how to where to cut, how much to cut, etc. will there be any impact on the public. I think Obama is testing it on administrative costs. If it is successful, there will be more cutbacks in different sectors of the government. After all, how much is $100 million in a $9.3 trillion deficit.

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