Five Important Reasons For People To Shop

By | April 30, 2009

Why are stores dominating the online retail sales? Why people like to shop at store, rather than on line? Here are few reasons:

  • To buy something: All stores, catalogs, and online merchants will provide goods for sale. Consumers will also buy from vendors, generally unlicensed wanderers, along the streets of any bigger city around the world. Shoppers can switch on their television and buy from many merchants selling goods on shopping channels like QVC, Jewelry Television and others.
  • For the social experience: Several shoppers prefer the mall. It is difficult to produce a social experience created in mall in a non-store environment, although few television shopping merchants receive on-air phone calls from shoppers in an attempt to create a friendly social environment.
  • For the recreational experience: For several people, shopping is fun. It is a method of passing time and shedding the stress of the day. It is difficult to produce same recreational experience in a non-store shopping setting, even though randomly surfing the Internet is very near. Many store-based merchants offer shoppers little chance for recreation.
  • For a tactile experience: Many consumers are tire-kickers, they should touch and feel the merchandise before purchasing. Moreover, there is a psychological reason to have people select their merchandise. Once it is in their hands, the decision to purchase is made immediately. Non-store merchants will not be able to provide a physical experience for shoppers.
  • For instant gratification: American Baby Boomers had familiarized the idea of instant gratification. In an attempt to provide something similar to instant gratification, most of the online merchants provided overnight shipping. Even though, there is no replacement which can create experience of going into a store and purchasing a product instantly.
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