4000 Arizona teachers issued pink slips

By | April 23, 2009

Arizona teachers will have to face tough times in the coming few months, though there is no fault from their end. The fault is with the government for not providing a budget for schools though the nest fiscal year is set to begin as early as July 1st.

Total layoff notices issued in the alleged 120 districts count to around 5,500. And around 4,000 of them are teachers. These people are in a dilemma, about their livelihood from the next fiscal year.

However, government has assured that they will be re-hired as soon as they have an official budget. But relying on official budget can still be dooming; because, the state legislature has already announced a shortfall of $3.3 billion in revenues. The districts are expecting to receive at least 10 to 15 percent cuts in the regularly allotted budget for schools. Schools compose around 43 percent of the state budget.

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