What Are The Different Testing Methods Available For Testing Drugs?

By | February 26, 2009
Detection of drug in humans is only possible through conducting drug test on their specimens. There are many different types available to detect drug use and drug test kit is designed accordingly.  Different types of drug tests are tested in similar way; the main difference is the specimen. First step for any type of drug test is collection of samples.

Urine Drug Testing:
Urinalysis is the most common type and used commonly in all drug testing programs. There are some advantages and disadvantages of these tests. Specimen is to collect and process of detection is simple. More chances of specimen tampering, not appropriate for detecting drugs for finding job drug abuse.

Hair Drug Testing:
This testing is conducted on hair, as their specimen. Hair tests are usually used as secondary test in case of criminal offense. These tests are becoming more popular and schools and organization are going for this test instead of urine tests.

Saliva Drug Testing:
These tests are user friendly, we can collect specimen at any time because it is 24 hours available in our mouth. Recent drug use is only detected by these tests. Results are known in minutes. Take more time and costly than urine tests, difficult to detect some drugs are few disadvantages of these tests.

Nature of drug and usage of drug determines which method of testing drugs to use and it also depends on your perceptions.

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