What are the Short and Long Term Effects of Marijuana Abuse?

By | February 1, 2009

Marijuana is a most popular illegal drug which use has been rapidly increasing especially in the United States. There are so many effects using marijuana and gradually addicted towards it which includes short-term and long-term effects.

Short-term effects:
Short-term effects are those which are caused immediately and resist for 1-3 hours and may vary depending on the dosage of the drug or mixed with any other drugs.

There are so many short-term effects which includes anxiety attacks, increase in heart rate where the heart beats 20-50 times per minute more than a normal heart rate 70-80 beats per minute and even more depending on the dosage. The user also experiences trouble with memory, learning, thinking, problem solving, hand eye coordination or motor coordination, confusion, talkativeness, reddened or bloodshot eyes, dry mouth, hallucinations, and delusions.

These effects are even greater when this drug is mixed with any other drugs or abused in larger amount.

Long-term effects:
Long-term effects are those which retain for a long time and long lasting even though the users quit from abusing marijuana.
The long term effects are also more which includes a chronic cough and wheezing, respiratory problems as they hold the smoke for long time. An increased risk of cancers related to lungs, mouth, throat and neck. The risk of psychotic symptoms are also high. Reduces the fertility rate in both men and women. An increased risk of birth defects in case of unborn child in females during pregnancy. Risk of increase in the damage of immune system and central nervous system.

The problems also include financial, social, legal, family relationship etc.

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