Nintendo's Wii Fit: Health with Gaming

By | January 22, 2009

I have much to say about my new Wii Fit from Nintendo. I have not expected that exercising will be so much fun. It seems that you are playing a game but what you actually doing is improving your fitness. Isn’t that great?

One of the major drawbacks of video games is that they don’t allow people to provide proper exercise to their body which leads to obesity or fitness problems and from there to more and more diseases. But now you don’t have to bother much about the issue.

Nintendo’s Wii Fit is available for around $90, which I bought it two weeks back. The main peripheral of this game is a small wireless board called Wii balance board. There are 4 pressure sensors inside the board that find out the location of your feet, monitor your center of gravity and check your weight.

There are four main categories in Wii Fit named Yoga poses, Strength training, Aerobic exercise and Balance games. These are in turn segregated into 48 activities like Hula Hoop, tight rope walk, etc.

You can create an image inside the console almost similar to what you look. Isn’t it fun being taught by your own cartoon character?

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