The Champ of F1 In 2008

By | November 10, 2008

It was an extraordinary Grand prix, with many great players on field, making the environment around there very hot. I never enjoyed any other Grand prix like the Brazilian Grand Prix of 2008.

The rain, though seemed to irritate the racers, brought a real grand environment to the entire race. Every thing was going very well and plain, before the rain which started to fall at the end of eighth lap. This was the last race where racers would use grooved tyres. From next races of 2009, racers will be using slick tyres.

The youngest winner of Formula One World Championship is also the first black race to have won the title. Lewis Hamilton is from Britain and the ninth winner of world championship for his country. It was in 1996 that Britain won its last world championship of a Formula One season.

Lewis Hamilton hadn’t had much luck in the 2007 Brazilian championship, but this time he achieved it.

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