Is a Ban On Fast Food, The Solution for Obesity?

By | November 26, 2008

It may be a fact that fast food is responsible for obesity to some extent. But is it a good idea to ban fast food for ever if you have to fight obesity?

Who said fast food is such a hazardous thing? It is the humans who made it look bad with their greed and over intake. Other wise can you ever get such great food which is tastier as well as time saving in this modern world?

What will happen to those street vendors making their living out of those hot dog carts and ice-cream vehicles? What will happen to those poor restaurants that were very sane enough to open their chains near the houses of consumers to ease them? What will happen to those corn fields which were grown so vastly to support the demand of fast food?

And moreover what will happen to those poor souls who have been addicted to fast food?

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