Athlete Drug Test Is Compulsory For Every Athlete

By | October 2, 2008

To be a successful athlete, it is important to maintain good health with good sports quality, which keeps up the data in sports and helps knowing the tricks of winning the game. Olympics committee has taken a decision for random drug testing of athletes. Special drug testing kits for testing athletes are designed and known as athlete drug testing kits.

Adoption of athlete drug testing leads to a reduction in overall drug use, reduction in use of drug can be very small. Policy of drug testing unambiguously decreases in use of drugs for those who want to continue in athletes. Athletes forcefully leave their sports because of high detection levels of drugs in their bodies.

Policies of athlete drug testing becoming less attractive. Sometimes political reasons may push into adopting drug testing programs before verification of usage of drug. Number of athletes participating in Olympics is reduced because of high use of performance enhancing drugs. Government and sport authorities should take necessary steps for controlling the use of performance enhancing drugs.

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