Price Is The Key Factor In Home Renovations

By | August 26, 2008

What do people in US, primarily consider while planning renovating their house?

It’s the price of course. I don’t know if recession has something to do with their decision. You know, how people have grown more cost conscious these days and desperately after cost cutting measures.

But the key thing here is that, when people art ring to improve and remodel their house, they are first considering to get it within minimum costs rather than going for posh. I know many people, who have tried to remodel their house into some set in a popular movie or TV show. In addition, they spent crazy amount of money for it. I hardly see any body that is even thinking of such things these days.

And I got all these stuff from a research report from FIXR. It says that around 90 percent of people consider competitive price while choosing contractors for home renovations.

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