How Happier Is An Air Travel

By | August 16, 2008

Air travel is still a dream for many people in developing and poor countries of Asia and Europe. But is it really such a great experience to travel in an airplane?

When you ask this question to the fed up air travelers of US, they say air travel is not less than any hell.

They hate to travel at such heights of 350,000 feet by sitting on a seat, which has no proper legroom, no good snacks, eerie noises of the plane and above all a tension in their mind over safe landing of the plane.

I forget to mention the long security-clearance queues, identity verification and most of all the bodily inspection.

Do you think such torture is necessary for people, for just making a decision to travel on planes?

Surprisingly, a survey reports that the number of complaints have declined in the previous year. The number of travel grievances has declined to 1.15 per 100,000 passengers in 2008 from 1.42 in 2007.

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