Is IQ A Heritable Property?

By | May 16, 2008

IQ is almost like a super power. When you use it in the right way, it will make you world’s famous person. But many of you can’t understand on how your fellow person has more IQ than you.

There is a lot of difference between IQ and intelligence, though there is a little connection between them. Let us assume that IQ is a weapon then Intelligence will be the art on how and when to use the weapon.

There are some people saying that IQ is a hereditary property. That means your IQ depends on your parents or ancestors IQ. Though this is a little controversial assumption, the study on this is called as Heritability of IQ.

The people with IQ less than 20 are said to be mentally retarded. In most of the cases it is the genetic problem. And thus there is a discussion that if low IQ is a genetic problem, then high IQ will be also a genetic boon.

The only thing that favors with this discussion for people with less IQ is that they can simply push the fault onto their ancestors.

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